Good Service reducing DD

Given the situation we are all currently in, I thought it only fair to post when things go right occasionally, rather than only when it goes wrong.

Having built up some credit, we wanted to reduce the direct debit each month, rather than apply for a refund, but the ‘minimum amount’ the system suggested we pay was higher than we were prepared to pay.

Clicking on the ‘Get in touch if you think this amount is too high’ , I emailed Bulb, explained I wanted to reduce DD, and received an auto reply which advised:

*This email explains how to apply for a refund in your Bulb account.

You’re eligible for a refund because you’ve built up credit in your Bulb account. We can only refund credit to the bank account you used to pay it in. If your refund is approved, we’ll refund the money to your bank account within 5 working days.

****[Apply for a refund] Link or ***
You can use credit to pay for your energy Instead of getting a refund, you can reduce your monthly payments, and use your credit to make up the difference.

I replied to that email, repeating my request, and within an hour, I had a response from a person, who advised they had amended my direct debit to the amount I had requested.
Prompt service, and the outcome I wanted.

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I have to admit i was pleasantly surprised this month too. Whether they are factoring in the £400 “discount” or actually looking at real use i don’t know, but we were advised we were paying too much and were able to set our DD at £100 (down from £130).