Good to see we aren't the only ones
Tthinkthey would have a field day with ****

Fixed link:

Customers were also charged incorrectly, with some overpaying and others underpaying, after the supplier under-estimated consumption levels over one winter, Ofgem said.

BREAKING: Guessing isn’t accurate.

Has the world really come to this?


Seems to be a case of near enough is good enough, wonder what the circa 5m customers they have just acquired from SSE must be thinking, not pleasant reading over the morning coffee

I dunno, seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill to me.

Estimated bills are no big deal. You’ll still end up paying the right amount eventually once actual meter readings are received, which worse case would be when you close the account.

Sending out inaccurate annual statements needs to be fixed but it’s only an annual summary, it doesn’t affect billing. Hardly worth a huge fine?

The bigger issue is incorrect tariffs for prepayment customers, but in the article that almost seems a secondary problem compared to the reporting of the above two minor issues. I suppose we should just accept that from journalism these days.


Perhaps it was FreeLance********** grabbing the headlines and skipping the meat in the sandwich
Anyway soon be Au Revoir from me as I’m off to Newcastle to join Allanr and make his life a misery.
At least they appear to have a customer service that responds, rather than a post and hope forum
No offence, or disrespect intended or implied to your good self