GOODBYE BULB - no more changing my payment

Goodbye bulb, you have changed my payment against my consent for the last time. I have never used anything like the amount you wish to deduct each month - here is an idea deduct the amount my smart meter says I have used, no more no less - Octopus here I come


Hi @wilkinsoni

A somewhat ironic welcome to the Bulb community, I’m sorry your first post is raising these issues.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve chosen to make the switch away from Bulb. We should always be providing 10 working days notice before amending a direct debit, as per our terms and conditions. For recent pay reviewed accounts, this has come under an email titled ‘We’re changing our energy prices’, so do have a look for that.

If you can’t find anything then please do email so one of the team can look into this for you.

…it must have been nice to receive a reply…

Irony in customer service is a tad risqué, but I am sure the training manual Bulb currently seem to be using with their “Winter excess requires double your DD payment” line might have included the “treat them dumb and keep stumm” advice other street entertainers use when doing sleight of hand tricks.

So, how do refunds work? Are they timely? Will they be split? Are you really not aware that your approach and responses have changed over the last twelve months?

Hi @Bilkobecker,

You can request a refund if you have given us meter readings recently and there’s more than one months credit in the account. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in getting, and I can get that sorted for you.

I would be delighted to get a prompt refund at the completion of my switch away from Bulb, particularly as it’s likely to approximate two months usage after you still draw down on my direct debit for the final bill using a formulae that continues to be discredited by regulator and customers alike!

Thoroughly enjoyed the “customer service” over the last “few” months (Yes, that is said in an ironic tone…).

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I fear thay your irony is wasted.
The response from bulb(if you choose to answer it) will be the pathetic little voice on the other end of the phone asking why your leaving.
Shame really to see a once great co. descend into a farcical shambles

Yet again Bulb raised my Direct Debit payment although I am £500 in credit and they will not allow me to reset my payment amount to a low enough level.
Goodbye BULB .

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