Got latest Bill and very angry

Just got my latest statement and now -£5 balance.

My balance last night was £205 and last month’s bill £129 with Gas Smart reading and Electricity submitted reading

So this month’s bill is £210 again with Gas Smart reading and Electricity submitted reading.

You have done about 15 months worth of statement corrections yesterday so I can’t track what my actual bill this month should be but I do know I haven’t run up £210 worth. Why all the corrections? I have lost month by month transparency. You are charging me more for historical usage already paid for. Please provide me something I can follow. This is just wrong.

Sort this out now

Hi @tony2,

Thanks for the post. It looks like we got some update information from your meter installation, so added this to your account to ensure everything was up to date. If you take a look through the consolidated bill and notice anything you’re not sure about let me know here and I can explain that further via email.

All the best,