Government Boiler grant advice thanks

Hi I’m Alison

Please to meet you all

I’m having a nightmare trying to find out if I am eligible to have the funding for a new Bolier Under the government scheme .

I did have a company who I was dealing with since end off May 2021 saying they were part off the scheme, but ended up having a dreadful time after 3 different visits from survivor’s paying a deposit paid, email with what I was paying for and paying options. Another red flag as the first option was Cash !!! To the fitter …Is it me or isn’t that a bit dodgy?

I then heard nothing and they were due to come 6th~7th off September to have it fitted last week

I had no communication by telephone email letter to say what was happening, How many what times what the job will entail, I had to call and ask and backed it up by a email. To be told we are extremely busy at the moment…
( I was well if your a Professional business no matter how busy you are , your clients need to know what’s happening when a bunch off people are coming to my house )

I then get a call later that afternoon saying , I’m no longer eligible for the grant as I supposedly need a whole new system, I don’t I just need a new boiler and thermostat on radiators.

It’s taken many calls emails to get my deposit back Leaving me extremely frustrated and upset ,after many excuses in the end I said I will call my bank and say you’ve taken my money fraudulently …
funny I had the money £200 in account in mins thank goodness.

My biggest worry is the Bolier is 13 years old leaking water it’s right by the controller ,it’s not firing up lights on but its not coming on , So I’ve no hot water .

it’s been a rather frustrating few days , and a minefield if you put Bolier in the search bar ,

I’ve just called about 4 different numbers CAB and another 2 help line including Bulb , last call Energy support said I could do it through my energy supplier ? I didn’t realize that Bulb telephone number being 0300 Is a pay number and not free. Let’s hope I don’t have a problem .

When I called I was on hold then cut off , I’m definitely not calling again to get a big telephone bill on top …

Any advice help would be much appreciated am I in the right place ?

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