government warm home discount

I have recently transferred to bulb from Scottish power. Every year we receive gov’t warm home discount paid direct to account. Will bulb receive this on our account automatically or do we have to do anything

Hi @michael1957,

It’ll all depend in you receive the Warm Home Discount as part of the ‘Core’ group (which would mean it is paid directly to you by HM Department of Work and Pensions) or if you get it as part of the ‘Broader group’ (which is paid by the utility provide according to their own definitions). You’ll find the Bulb help article The Warm Home Discount – Bulb useful in detailing the differences and the application process for the broader group.

That’s great but I move over to bulb on the 14/12/18. I would be in the broader group so would like to know If I have to wait until I have moved to apply or can I apply earlier?

@Terminator You will have to apply once you have switched unfortunately.