Grammar in the digital world

Why do young companies who rely on digital marketing so often use bad grammar or spelling? For example Bulb incentivises its customers to invite friends to become Bulb customers but uses invite instead of the correct word invitation on its referral web page.

Hi @John79 , we don’t need no education to make our spelling good!

But on a more serious note, we’d love to see the page you’re referring to and we can take a look at correcting that grammatical mistake. We do check most of our messages for grammar, so hopefully that’s the only case you’ve found!

Hi @John79

I’m the chief typo-maker for Bulb. Strictly speaking, you’re right. The most correct wording would be “invitation”, but “invite” can be used as a noun. Here’s its Oxford dictionary page -

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our language is a lot less formal and more conversational than other companies. So we tend to use more colloquial language. That’s definitely not an excuse for us to use incorrect grammar or make spelling errors, but technically, in this case, “invite” can be used as a noun or a verb.

Thanks for pointing it out. And as Rob mentioned, please call us out when you see poorly written text.


(I apologise in advance for the inevitable error that I have made in this post. Muphry’s Law states that I’ll have made at least one.)
(Edit: Found a rogue apostrophe!)