Granularity of energy usage since switching to smart meter

Since I switched to a Smart Meter, I now only get daily readings when looking at my usage.
Previously I used to be able to look at monthly forecasts as well as historical usage.

I’d really like to be able to compare say Dec 2019 to Dec 2018 to compare year on year. Can you add this back in please?

Probably best you contact Bulb direct as this is a customer forum.

A few of us on here do our own spreadsheets so have historical records going back a few years, its worth doing as you can use the info for forecasting and checking the accuracy of monthly energy bills.

Bulb are working on the data visualisation. There will be many more options at some point, but no specific timeline for when. It’s just as stuff is developed. As @scudo said, it’s best to just keep your own logs then you can visualise the data as you need. At some point hopefully there will be a way to export our half-hourly usage data.

Ah ok, thanks, so a ‘self help’ forum. I presume there’s no way to belatedly download your history, let alone an API. Would be nice to run some comparisons since the smart meter helped me cut down on some Dracula appliances, and also do some usage correlation with weather.

Thanks, good the hear they’re working on it, so I may get my history back at some point.

I dont have a smart so not sure how all that works, but can you go to your account and download monthly statements? My statements go back to 2017.

No that’s the point - switched to smart meter and now all they show you is daily usage going back a month. No history, no monthly averaging.

@scudo That’s true but isn’t as convenient as a live data visualisation that you can search. I’m sure Bulb will have good data visualisation on their new platform when it is ready.