Graph STILL won't show kWh instead of £ after all these years

How long is it that customers have been asking for the graph option of seeing kWh instead of the completely pointless £ ?
Since prices change every so often, it’s impossible to use the £ to enable comparison to see if energy-saving measures are making a difference. How can Bulb claim to be helping customers save energy if we don’t know how much energy we’re using, from year to year, in a comparable way?
This is a ridiculously easy thing to fix, since our bills contain the kWh data.
Why hasn’t it been implemented yet?



Completely agree with this, and glad know it isn’t just me!

come on Bulb, this is silly, just change it now

Best to do your own (see attached) on a spreadsheet also useful if you change supplier as you then have historical records, mine go back 6 years. The attached is only part of it which updates everything by just putting in my 2 monthly readings.



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Hi @marksnet,

Thanks for the feedback, its really important to us to hear what our members want to see from us going forward. I’ve passed this onto the relevant teams for you who will take this feedback on board and look into getting it actioned for you.