Why on the graph can you only see from May onwards and not previous months

@Lara30 Are you able to email us with a screenshot as on our side I can see usage for Feb and March?

Yep will do it now dan

@Lara30 Thank you :slight_smile:

@Lara30 Are you able to email us with a screenshot as on our side I can see usage for Feb and March?

Hope that is ok

And it the same if you turn the screen round as well.

My last update on the graph is February. Nothing for March, April.

I can’t view anything earlier than May but I was able to see Febuary until this month.

@Lara30 this graph represent you future energy usage - we therefore will only forecast what we think you will use in the coming months.
This is why you are only able to see from May onwards. I hope that make sense but if you want to give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 we can go over it in more detail :slight_smile:

Hi, the graph that I currently see has changed & therefore I can not see the previous usage so I can compare months?

Hey @Lara30 - when I have a look, it shows your usage for February and March as well. I can only check on a laptop though - can you see it on a different device? If you can, we might need to raise this as a bug with the tech team so that it shows properly on mobile. Thanks!

(We can also send you a screenshot on here or by email if you want to see what we can see, but we don’t want to post it here without your permission as it will be your usage data on display.)

It the same on my I pad

But can view in on my main pc but not on my phone or ipad

Thanks for letting us know, Lara- This chart should definitely show the usage of past months. I know that we’re looking at optimising it at the moment, and I’ve added your comments to the data we have about this :slight_smile:

Hi @Lara30 from the menu try rotating your phone / iPad to Landscape before choosing the usage icon. I find it shows more months in the past on the phone this way and even more on my tablet.

I can’t quite remember but I think the portrait view is perhaps showing less months than it used to but that does not explain it starting at May!