Great experience

Been with Bulb now for some months and finding been a Bulberino is the best. Never had any problem so far and finding the tariff to be the best. Much cheaper bills than with my previous supplier. Also referred a friend and with both received £50. I use the app and submit readings on a monthly basis which I prefer to do. Bulb always notify me when they are taking my monthly payment which is a great help. Glad I switched. Thank you Bulb.


“and finding the tariff to be the best”

You haven’t looked very hard then. Bulb are about 25% more expensive for Gas than the lowest on the market. (Maybe you are electricity only).

Great that you’re a happy customer though.

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The tariff is the best for me. I have duel fuel and am paying less for both since I switched. I’d been with my previous supplier since I have lived independently so 40 some years. Only switched to Bulb via a friend as I don’t generally do comparison. I dare say they’ll be cheaper tariffs out there but happy to have Bulb as my energy supplier :slightly_smiling_face:

I hate to be pedantic, but you say you haven’t made a comparison with other suppliers, but Bulb is the best for you??

I agree, that Bulb are great, because they only offer one tariff and don’t leave people who don’t prioritise making price comparisons, on a more expensive tariff than loyal customers.

I just wanted to make it clear to others that there are other, much cheaper tariffs available, and so claiming Bulb are the “Best” must be on grounds other than price.


Their gas is 10% green gas and the remaining 90% is offset (I am not a fan of offsetting but it is better than nothing). That forms part of my evaluation of a good deal.

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I’m so pleased to see more people adept at critical thinking posting on this community.

Best is subject to some definition of best.
With no comparison there can be no judgement of better or worse.

Either way, welcome to the forum @yellowjoy! After being with one supplier for 40 years you must be making a good chunk of saving, no matter who you decided to switch to. :slightly_smiling_face: