Great Green Britain Week: What have you been doing to make Britain the greenest country on earth?

At the start of this week @“Clem at Bulb” posted about Great Green Britain Week on our blog.

Throughout the week, people across the UK have been getting together to think about what actions we should take to make Britain more sustainable.

How did you celebrate Great Green Britain Week? Big or small, we want to know.

Firstly there were a few oddities in that post that stood out to me.

Use as much energy as you can outside of peak hours
An odd way to phrase it.

Swap old appliances for more efficient ones
"when due for replacement" perhaps? The embedded energy of new white goods is often substantial compared to the extra energy the older device might use.

Then HFCs in fridges are talked about, which is nothing to do with the efficiency of the device.

Eco kettles, which only boil the amount of water required, can use up to 20% less energy than a conventional electric kettle.
Isn't that called any kettle that you put the right amount of water into? Instant hot water taps and heaters use extra energy all the time to keep the water warm so although much better in offices and commercial buildings, they don't make environmental sense in a house.

This week has been pretty similar to any other for me though. I did however check out a local wood recycling co-op as a potential source for timber for future jobs so I guess that’s a bit greener.

How about the staff at Bulb post what they have done to support Great Green Britain Week on a personal basis not the company.

personally speaking, I haven’t had any lunches that came in a non-recyclable package this week, hopefully that counts. I’ve also spent a moderate amount of time this afternoon turning off screens that people left on standby this morning in the office :slight_smile:

I've also spent a moderate amount of time this afternoon turning off screens that people left on standby this morning in the office :)

You’ve caught them out for not being green enough, perhaps name and shame (only kidding) :o

It’s a simple one, but I don’t go anywhere without my KeepCup. Being green definitely makes the morning coffee taste better.

I learnt how to set my washing machine to delay by 4 hours so it uses off-peak hours.

I’m trying to phase out single-use plastics that are easy to avoid, so now I’m carrying around a little pouch in my rucksack with steel cutlery so I don’t need plastic cutlery. Also after seeing the infamous turtle video I now own some steel straws, they are so nice for cold drinks or smoothies :smile:

I wrote to my MP about the government planning to stop paying people for the surplus solar energy they produce

I’ve been reducing my consumption of meat and dairy products

@“Caroline W at Bulb”. That is a great idea. I have to admit, I’m not very good at bringing in my own cutlery (partly because I eat boring sandwiches most days).

Clem’s blog post about plastic was a good read. There are lots of big projects to start cleaning up our oceans but we need to be changing habits too.

@“Caroline W at Bulb”, how do you find cleaning the metal straws?

I know from keeping a small creature as a pet as a child how much of a pain cleaning metal tubes with a tiny pipe brush can be, I can’t imagine doing it when a bit of smoothie has dried on the inside!

Confirmed an order for a 6 kW solar array, Tesla Powerwall 2, and a Zappi charger.

We use too much power sometimes, so hopefully it will help offset that.