Green energy 100%

As you say you are 100-percent green energy which comes from wind sun and water.
Why then are you so expensive has the price of wind gone up?


Hi @middy.midwinter :wave:

There’s currently only one price for energy in the UK. There aren’t separate markets for green energy sources. When the cost of electricity produced by burning gas goes up, so does the cost of electricity from green sources unfortunately.

-Luke :bulb:

Is Bulb lobbying the government to have different tariffs for ‘Green energy’ from fossil fuelled tariffs? If that could happen everyone in the UK would go ‘green’ instantly since we are told that green solar and wind energy is now cheaper to generate than fossil fuelled energy!

That was not the sales pitch whn i joined

Totally agree . Not the sales pitch I had when I joined. In fact i paid more because it was green energy…

Also, why has my standard charge for electricity gone up given that i was buying green?

Exactly!!! Once the dust has settled I think it’s time to migrate my 5 managed accounts, Blind loyalty doesn’t pay.

Shame because when we joined (2017 in my case), Bulb delivered honest business with amazing Customer Service… Gone those days as it has now morphed into yet another EON/Scottish/British Clone with poor (Outsourced?) CS.

The energy you receive isnt green energy all sources of power are mixed into one so the power you use is a mix of everything… good marketing ploy saying its 100% green because ppl would assume its cleaner and assume it will be cheaper as wind and solar prices dont go up