Green energy and/or Vary fair tariff

I am on the way to switch to Bulb, and I received a message to be charched 94.34£, while when I refined my quote /the green energy/ by pointing some details about my property, the monthly payment should be 80£ as it is calculating. Why the difference appears? Is the green energy part of vary fair tariff? Thank you in advance for your time.

Was your £80 quote based on a guess via property type and size, or did you enter your typical annual usage in kWh?


You asked “is the green energy part of vary fair tariff”

There isn’t per se a green energy tariff, it purely is Bulb saying they supply green energy.

Hi @stancheva ,

Looks like you signed up on a quote of £94.34. If you did manage to refind your quote to £80 then you can change your payment amount to £80 (or to however much you see fit) when you complete your switch to us later this month.

We only have one Tariff as Allanr mentions, which is the varif-fare, and our energy is 100% green for electric and 100% carbon neutral for gas, as well as being 10% green.