Green energy, or Greenwash?

Bulb energy is supposed to be 100% green - so can you tell me if Bulb uses power generated from burning wood pellets, for instance by Drax?

They have a page about this here:

Bulb: “Our Energy”

Thanks, interesting.

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The link @stevefoster sent it absolutely right, and where you can get lots of information about our energy.

For electricity, we buy our energy from renewable generators across the UK. Wherever we can, we partner with generators to directly purchase their electricity. Where we don’t, we buy electricity on the wholesale market and a renewable energy certificate to match. Every unit of electricity we supply can be traced back to a renewable source. You can find more about this here - Our Generators | Bulb.

Our gas is 100% carbon neutral. We offset the emissions from the non-green gas we supply by supporting carbon reduction projects around the world. We aim to be as transparent as possible about our fuel mix, so you can find more detail here - Our Fuel Mix | Bulb.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

OK, I have one more question. You are putting your prices up, and even before it happens, I’m being bombarded with emails from U Switch, reminding me that I can save a considerable amount by switching to another ‘green energy’ supplier. Is there any good reason that I should stick with Bulb?

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Some suppliers are greener than others.

@nickdarsley If you’re comparing tariff rates, I ensure you’ve entered your usage data (kwh) for the year into any quote and compare the unit rates and standing charge.

It’s also worth considering whether you’d prefer to be on a fixed tariff, or a variable one when doing any comparison.