Green energy permission

Im thinking to install a hybrid system - wind turbine and solar for my fish pond to run on green energy. I want to connect grid tie inverter, do i need any special permission to do so? I dont want any payments for it, just to make sure when is not enough wind and solar that the pump and filter will be running none stop.

Many Thanks

@Gedis, you can require planning permission to install a wind-turbine, however the size you’re likely to need to run a fish pond would be very small and would likely not require any permission.

You’d be best off talking to a local electrician about the best way to connect up and install your small renewable generation setup but you can’t hook into the grid (as in to send energy out to the grid) without jumping through a lot of hoops.

Yes, the size is only 400w it only be around 4 meters high. Only what i need to know do i need any permission to connect to the grid. The inverters is easy to use - “plug and play” it’s actually just need to connect wind turbine and solar panels to the charge controller and to the inverter. Inverter is like any other devices - plug in to the socket, no any fancy mancy connections and etc. Inverter size is 1000w, total system size 400w wind + 320w solar, so actually i will generate more than fish pond use, rest of that goes back to grid. Of course it will be installed by certified electrician. I’m bulb customer for gas and electricity, thats why im asking here if there any bulb support people here to answer it for me - can i just plug in the inverter to the grid, or i need any permission to do so? Thanks

@Gedis - an observation about your wind turbine. Very few domestic small scale wind turbines produce anything worthwhile in terms of output as there are generally far too many obstructions, I always shake my head when I see roadside mounted meteorological stations with a wind turbine on top as you rarely see them rotating.

Any grid tie inverter connections need to be done with the DNO’s being informed. A qualified electrician should be able to advise. As you’re not going for any kind of FIT payment there are some that argue you don’t need to be an MCS approved installer to carry out this work. It is possible that if an electrician carries out the install and the DNO hasn’t inspected their work previously they might reserve the right to come out and test the install. They will charge for this so it may be cheaper to get a DNO approved MCS installer to do the work in the first place.

Some years back when Chinese manufacturers started advertising GTI (Grid Tie Inverter) for sale in the UK and suggesting they were effectively plug and play I did wonder how many people bought one and connected it without informing anybody. The fact the the Soladin 600’s were sold with a standard EC friendly mains plug ready attached. I’m pretty certain that most EU countries wouldn’t allow willy-nilly plug in connection of GTI’s?



so looks like its best way just to connect and be quiet, as there is no any help or suggestion on this? Everyone pretending that they are so smart, but can not answer simple question. Everyone knows taht bulshit what you posting all over agai and again and again, thats why im asking simple question, witch i can not find anywhere… i do not wonder that people just connect and dont tell anyone, cose thre is no answer! Its just waist of time i see

@Gedis, simply connecting and not saying anything would be illegal.

The advice that @linesrg gave seems pretty sensible though. Insulting members of the community isn’t going to get you any better answers.

@Gedis - I am simply pointing out that there are a number of issues with microgeneration equipment, believe me I am as frustrated by the requirements as you are.

FYI the requirements in Scotland to erect a micro- wind turbine (MWT) as a ‘Permitted Development’ i.e. one not requiring planning consent in a domestic environment:-

For MWT , the limitations are that:

the installation of a MWT must be not less than 100 metres from the curtilage of another dwelling

In an urban set-up most people are going to be hard pressed to install an MWT more than 100mtrs from their neighbour so planning permission will need to be sought (the requirements may differ in other parts of the UK of course).

Small scale domestic wind turbines do not work effectively. You would be better off selling the MWT and buying/ installing more PV panels up to the capacity of the inverter you have.

I have been involved/ interested in domestic renewable energy for 20 years or more and have a fair amount of direct and indirect experience in this time.

I don’t consider myself an expert but having been a member of couple of ‘green’ forums for 10years I have read about the mistakes many people have made and they have been honest enough to come out and say they should have sought advice in the first instance. You are seeking advice and it is being offered.



There is no permits required to erect a wind turbine, as its not what you think it is i gues, its only 400w wind turbine. Wing diameter only 1.5meter, so its like decoration more than generation… I have checked it with local consil, and they said for 4 meter high pole and that small wind turbine there is no need any plans or permission to erect it anywhere. I dont realy see what is big deal with connecting grid tie inverter to grid, as its will only feeds energy back to energy company and they will get free electricity to sell it for they rates.

@Gedis - your local DNO will want to ensure that any equipment attached to the grid works as intended. Approved installers, once approved, will be expected to carry out the necessary tests having completed any installation to ensure the inverter does trip as intended if there is a fault condition or the incoming mains fails. In the event of mains failure the DNO need to know there is no one generating in to what should be a ‘dead’ line.
I share your frustrations I’m wanting to add 1.675kW of panels to my existing system and I’m having to go through all the same ‘hoops’ as if I were adding up to 17.5kW. I’m having to find a small G59/3 (having gone over the 16A per phase limit) capable inverter to keep my local DNO happy and they still want to come around and check the installation and charge me £585 for the privilege.
Like you there will be times when I’ll be generating electricity that can’t be used on site and which will get exported. I can’t claim FITs on any addition to my existing system so it will be ‘free’ to the local DNO.

Hi @Gedis, @linesrg is right, make sure the DNO is aware of any grid works/integration when you are installing the turbines and able to check anything they may need to.

@Gedis - I don’t think anybody who has installed an MWT in an urban environment has had any ‘real’ production from it. Wind turbines need smooth air flow so need mounting clear of obstructions such as buildings/ trees etc. As I’ve previously mentioned you would be better off going for PV.
I live in a rural location and had an anemometer up for a year. It was mounted on top of a mast consisting of a telegraph pole and then two scaffold tubes so circa 16mtrs up. This was mounted at the highest location we have - top corner of the top field and our average wind speed was ONLY circa 7.8MPH. Granted we are in a valley so this explains the relatively poor results.
I could construct a Hugh Piggott pattern wind turbine (I have the essential parts here already) and put oversized GRP blades on it but if you include the costs of installing a tower and guy securing points and then the 400mtrs of 10mm2 triple cored SWA cable to run the power back down to a connection point in the outbuildings it isn’t really viable.