Green gas commitment

Hi, can someone tell me why Bulb’s green gas percentage has stayed at 10% for over 2 and a half years when other companies, such as Ecotricity, have doubled theirs within that timeframe? Also, with the government pushing fracking big time, can Bulb really take a stand against it with the rest of their gas sourcing? Cheers.

Hi @Clive_G1.

Bulb have a strong stance on fracking. We’re firmly opposed. You can read about why here.

@“Shaunagh at Bulb” is responsible for buying our green gas. We’ll be putting up a blog about it shortly.

The smiple answer to why have we not increased our % of green gas is that there isn’t enough of it to go around.

Last year we bought about 15% of the green gas supply that was available in the UK. We’ve bought >30% market so far this year, we anticipate this to be almost 50% by the end of the (financial) year (April 2019) depending on our’s and the industry’s growth.

Our member base is growing at a faster rate than the green gas industry which ultimately won’t be able to offer any more any time soon.