Grid tie inverter

Are there technical or regulatory requirements to connect a grid tie inverter to my Bulb supplied power. I have a new, smart ready, meter but initially not planning for any feed in earnings

Is this a DIY job? If so you can probably forget about any earnings other than the savings in electric.

Baseline it is DIY and I am not interested in any potwntiall earnings as it is small scale (500 to 1000w)

So I just want to know what standards should be met and what permissions sought

But I would also like to know what the position would be if I were to look at a bigger kit. Say 4 kw with FIT when, presumably it would require an accredited contractor


@vbodsworth You would need to contact your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the standards and permissions you would need to install these.

If you don’t know who that would be then message me your address and I can let you know.