Guaranteed Standards of Service

We always try to do best by you, Guaranteed Standards are the standards that we promise to meet, and if we don’t then members will be entitled to compensation.

where customers are entitled to compensation if those standards are not met, and Overall Standards, which are used to measure our performance against set targets.

We are also required to tell you about the Guaranteed Standards of Service which apply to your local electricity distributor; and the Guaranteed and Overall Standards of Service which apply to your local gas distributor.


Wherever possible, appointments will be made at a time to suit you. Our appointments are always within normal working hours (between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday). You can select either a morning or afternoon appointment; however arrangements may vary depending on where you live.

If we’re late or miss the arranged appointment or fail within a reasonable period to offer you a timed appointment we’ll give you £22. 2. Meter disputes If you think your meter is recording incorrectly we will respond to your query within 5 working days. If we need to investigate your meter we will be in touch within 7 working days to arrange this.
If we miss either of these deadlines we’ll give you £22.


Bulb does not currently service customers who have a prepayment meter

Payments due

If we fail to meet any of our Guaranteed Standards of Service we will let you know in writing. Notification and payment will be sent to you within 10 working days of the obligation arising.

If we miss this deadline we will pay you another £22.

We also promise that:

  • We will be fair, honest, transparent and professional
  • We will provide intelligible, complete and accurate information
  • We will communicate in a clear and simple manner
  • We will act quickly to put things right if they go wrong
  • You can get in touch easily with our knowledgeable member support team, who will always be clear, open and honest