Half-hourly readings stopped working

I’ve got half-hourly readings enabled on my account, which has worked fine until 29th November. Since then I’ve got no new readings on the app or web site and my IHD displays the time 00:00 and reboots every minute or so.

All lights on my SMETS2 meter flash green every few seconds except ‘mesh’.

I’ve requested the IHD reset through the site but alas still have the above problems. It’d be nice to know what I’m using during this cold weather!

Welcome to the world of my Smart meter isn’t working and Bulb probably won’t fix it for some time, both my gas and electric stopped working, bulb remotely rebooted and now the Gas works and the electric doesn’t. The reboot took about 3 weeks, now I just get the cut and paste reply that it’s an issue out of their hands becuase it’s a fault firmware/device and the manufacturer will need to implement the fix,