Happy Birthday Smart meter Issue

I had the dubious pleasure of singing “Happy Birthday” to a smart meter issue recently and I’m hoping not to let it age another year before resolution.

I have been sending manual electricity meter readings since the installation of smart meters in my home on 19th November 2019.

Bulb sent me email on 26th November 2019 saying the engineer was unable to connect my electricity smart meter to the network. It also said Bulb would be working on a fix. To this day it is still unconnected to the network.

Interestingly my gas smart meter sends readings. Uninterestingly the IHD supplied has never worked even for gas. All it ever does is reboot every couple of minutes. I gave up long ago with it and it sits languishing in the back of a drawer.

Advice for anybody contemplating getting smart meters from Bulb - Be prepared to sing “Happy Birthday” to Bulb smart meter issues!


Lots of posters on here would give their right arm for one of those.
Unfortunately this new lockdown will just give them another excuse, so you will probably be buying another b/card next November

Hi @Shark,

Thanks for your post. The problem currently is that your electric meter isn’t commissioned, so what I’ve done is raise this with our smart team to see if we can do this remotely. I’ll pop you an email when I hear back.

All the best,

Both my meters were commissioned, and I haven’t had an automated electricity read for over a year. My IHD won’t connect to the electricity meter either. Complete waste of time contacting Bulb, nothing ever gets fixed.

Hi @mjmc,

Sorry about your issues with your electric reading. I’ve raised this with my smart team to see if theres anything else we can do to attempt to get your readings to come through. I’ll let you know when I hear back.