Happy customer, but is Bulb still competitive?

Been with B since the start. Very smooth experience with no issues (and no smart meter :). Every now and then, though, it’s good to check whether other providers are now significantly cheaper (proviso: on a like-for-like basis in terms of greenness). Any relevant info out there?

Suggest you check one (or more) of the many comparison sites.


It depends on usage. For me I was surprised how much I could save by just changing my gas to So Energy. Unit rate went down from 3.5p to 2.55p. I’m saving nearly £360 per year by just changing my gas supply. Remained with Bulb for electric which is still comptetitively priced.

Most price comparison sites just look at dual fuel comparions so this might not be the cheapest route.

Happy overall with Bulb but they aren’t competitive for gas anymore.


Neither competitive nor innovative anymore sadly.

As @Qamar said, there are better Gas tariffs out there. So.Energy have one of the cheapest, and their support has been very good thus for for us, since switching to them from Bulb. So.Energy also have a £40 referral system you can take advantage of, pm any user who has switched for a referral.

As for electricity, Bulb are ok, they are by no means the most expensive, but there are cheaper rates to be found. However, do your research as some of the new suppliers with very low electricity rates have terrible reviews for customer service and most of those tariffs are 12m fixed, so it will be interesting to see what happens in a years time if they all push up their prices. Furthermore, a number of small suppliers have been issued warnings by Ofgem, that if they don’t start to support SMETS2 Smart Meters, they won’t be allowed to bring on new customers or even loose their license: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-7882325/Energy-suppliers-accused-hindering-smart-meter-scheme-failing-follow-Ofgem-rules.html

The nine suppliers that have been called out by Ofgem include Ampoweruk Ltd, Better Energy Supply Limited, Daligas Limited, Enstroga Ltd, Entice Energy Supply Limited, Euston Energy Ltd (trading as Northumbria), Green Energy Supply Limited, Symbio Energy Limited and UK National Gas Ltd.

As for TOU (time of use) tariffs, check out Octopus Agile. It’s significantly better than Bulb’s Smart Tariff (at least in our region).