🌲 Happy World Environment Day! 🌳 (Quiz)

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is biodiversity, so we thought ‘why not come up with a quiz that shows off the diverse range of animals out there?’ (particularly ones we found in our Gola Rainforest project - so make sure you read our blog post first)

Have a go and see if you beat me, I got 7/10 (and no Googling!)

Share your scores below! :grinning:

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I got 7/10 too! Great to hear Bulb have helped to protect so much rainforest :palm_tree:

Only got 3/10 but hopefully I will do better on the next quiz… :slight_smile:


Hi @ryan.mcc8

I only got 4/10, it seems we’re both going to have to brush up our knowledge in time for the next one :bulb: :deciduous_tree:

Hey @CJ_at_Bulb

Looks like we’re in the same boat in that case. I just read the caption at the top from @SamR_at_Bulb and realised after the fact that it said no Googling. I might have googled the first two which technically means I only got 1… :no_mouth: So you’re in second place by more than one point now :slightly_smiling_face: Really enjoyed the quiz despite my low mark and learnt some new things.

@ryan.mcc8 How could you!?

At least you’ve come clean now, I’m sure that’s a load off your mind. Seems you’ll need to brush up on the rules as well for next time :thinking: