Harassment from British Gas, former energy supplier

Dear Help & Support,

We moved into a new place and chose you as our energy supplier. Everything seemed to go well, and we paid the final bill sent to us by British Gas, the previous energy supplier. They have had some issues on their side and ended up sending 2 different bills with different account numbers for the same period. After much inconvenience through emails and telephone calls, and after receiving inappropriate threatening letters from them saying that we owe them money, it is clear that we do not owe them any money. In fact, they owe us 53p due to a mistake they must have made on the first bill they sent us, but we have no interest in getting that back.

We thought this was all over, until we received yet another final bill from them requesting money that we do not owe them. I understand that this is likely a failure on the part of their computer systems, but the end result is that we are being harassed and sent letters and bills regarding payments we have already made. This is wasting a lot of our time and energy, and essentially means that it is not as easy to switch energy supplier as it is made out to be.

Is there anything you can do to stop British Gas from sending us inappropriate letters and bills? We are also concerned that British Gas’ actions could damage our credit rating.

Hi @anthony6650 - it sounds like you’ve really been through the mill with all of this, and I’m so sorry to hear it! We will call British Gas now to confirm that your account with them has been fully closed, and we’ll send you an email to let you know how we get on.

Thanks very much Ellie, for resolving this so quickly and painlessly.