Has anyone actually got their SMETS2 fixed?

Of those that have had smart meters fitted via Bulb, and they weren’t working as intended on installation, has anyone actually managed to get Bulb to fix them?

There seems to be an ever increasing number of us with problems, so are there any successes? And if so, what happened?

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I fully understand your frustration. It is now 4 months since my Smart Meter ceased sending electricity readings to BULB and IHD stopped displaying those readings. Despite 2 emails to BULB (unanswered) and 3 live chats reporting my problem to Customer Service Advisors at BULB, the problem still exists. Apparently DCC have to re-boot the smart meter. However, I have had no update from BULB nor do I know whether my issue has even been reported to DCC. On Live Chat they tell me they will report my issue to the Smart Meter Team. Who are the Smart Meter Team? What do they do?

As little as possible in as much time as possible.
Think they’re a figment of someones imagination

Well said, really cheered me up on this miserable wet December morning:)

Here’s an amusing response to my issues- paraphrased slightly.
You’ve got a communication issue, we have asked the DCC to reboot. If you live north of Manchester it takes 6 weeks, south of Manchester it is 2-3 weeks.

Great I reply, I’ll email back in 3 weeks as I’m south of Manchester. The overnight reply, oh it’s taking longer, can you leave it 6 weeks…

If you Bulb are giving advice, can it at least be correct… If you mean 6 months, sorry weeks say it. Don’t say one timeframe and then when challenged, back track… It really is a disgrace.

Kinda ties in with Skippy64 view on life.

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Hi @cjcgrantham, I can see that your issue was raised to DCC back in August, I’ve just popped you an email about this with some more details about this.

Hi @Phytone3d, it does look like DCC are taking longer to action these reboots at the moment. At the moment, it’s looking at about 4 weeks and unfortunately this is out of our control, but this should be done soon for you. We appreciate your patience in the meantime!

There is also the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing team

Mine were fitted last week but still not commissioned. Very frustrating because Bulb have stopped answering emails. Haven’t responded on the ‘community’ chat and what was promised on Live Chat has not been delivered. I’m thinking of writing to Which and looking at other energy suppliers. Bulb used to have excellent responsive customer support but now seem to have refined the art of polite and effusive fobbing off.

Lou, what I don’t understand is how a dcc reboot will actually fix the issue. If you look at my account you will hopefully see that Gas meters are being sent through. A monthly gas reading is sent and the daily usage chart is showing consumption. I did have to reconnect the gas meter over the weekend as it had lost connection.

To me this implies the comms hub is working?
What needs fixing is the electricity meter to join the local network
There to be a network for the IHD to join .

So how does a comms reboot fix this? Surely it sounds like it was a botched installation of the electricity meter?

Good luck with that. Plenty of us with meters not working and Bulb refuse to do anything.

Well at least no-one has responded, yes… although not good reputation for Bulb, if that is a metric they care about…

I requested a reset of the IHD back in the summer, but have finally given up and disconnected the device as it’s just stuck in a reboot cycle. My electricity smart meter hasn’t been giving readings since the summer either, although I only realised it recently. The gas smart meter works!
Sad that there’s no effective communication, and that money invested in ‘smart’ meters has produced such poor results.

Hi @Phytone3d

The DCC reboot essentially kick starts the connection between the IHD and the meters again, meaning it will show your usage. Your meters may be sending us automatic readings without a problem and will be working without a problem, but the IHD can still struggle to show the usage if there is this error with the DCC.

The comms hub reboot resets this connection between the IHD and the comms hub (which is on top of the electric meter but doesn’t effect the readings displayed) and will allow the IHD to show the correct info again.

Freya @ Bulb

Hi @chrisandjulie_irelan

Sorry to hear that, I can see you’ve updated the preferences for reads to daily, which should allow the smart meter to send us the electric reads again. Your gas meter is communicating with us effectively and we’re getting the reads through.

We’re working on ways to ensure that all smart meter installations are successful and we’re feeding back all errors encountered. We really appreciate your patience!

There has never been a connection to the IHD, so the use of the word “again” is a little out of place.

Going by your explanation, you havent addressed how it will all of a sudden make my electricity meter work. Can you clarify please on what needs doing to fix the electricity meter?

If my electricity meter remains dumb - which i fully expect the case to be, would the IHD show my gas usage after this next miraculous reboot? OR does it need the electricity meter to also be Smart?