Has anyone had no problem at all with and after smart meter installation?

We have smart meter installation booked for end of next month but having read all the problems people seem to be having with them I’m beginning to wonder if its actually worth it.

I just interested if anyone had the installation itself all go smoothly and then continue with no issues either with the meters or the ihd?

You’re less likely to find people coming to the forums if they’ve had no issues, but I’m increasingly suspecting that the answer may be no.

My gas and electricity meter install went smoothly, aside from the Siemens engineer not being able to obtain the security phrase on arrival or after calling their manager. However, since then Bulb’s online account has been anything but smart, showing no record of gas final reading or new zero value, also no record of new gas serial number (according to their support), and has shown absolutely no genuine smart meter readings since, just once estimated electricity reading and no statement as expected. Bulb are having issues at present in handling the SMETS2 data and integrating that with their system, alongside trialling a new approach to their web portal. However, once sorted they should re-bill and issue a suitable statement for prior and new. One day.

@Michael_C, and to confirm, your IHD has been working correctly all of this time? Showing both electricity and gas usage?

Well seems there are still problems as I called Blub to find out the current position and ask if I should cancel as appointment as is only days away. They said there were still problems with the IHDs and suggested that I could cancel now and rebook in the future when its all sorted out. So that’s what I’ve done. I was keen to have one but don’t need the hassle some people have reported. I must say they were very pleasant and I was surprised that there was no pressure at all to keep appointment. It seems they are clearly aware of the current issues.

Hi, yes my installation went smoothly, and my IHD has shown both gas and electric data since the installation. Even if the IHD doesn’t work for you at the moment, you are no worse off than with a dumb meter, and when the issues are fixed you won’t have to wait even longer for an installation.
However, having said that, if there are also billing issues then that might be a reason to wait. My account shows a zero’d gas meter reading now, but the electric doesn’t. That could be because my installation was very close to my billing date though. I am sure the electric reading will zero soon.

@mowcius, yes, my IHD has shown correct gas and electricity readings from the start (18th March) for me luckily. I’ve gave it wi-fi access too.

@“Solarspider”/@“Michael_C”, when were your installs?

24th April. Oxfordshire.

My IHD was just showing gas, but now shows nothing.

That said, it’s no worse than before. I’m sure it’ll get sorted soon enough.