Has anyone invested in Ripple Energy

I found them on a certain microblogging platform and their website seems intresting. It seems to be a system where you can buy into wind farm capacity to directly offset your energy use.

Has anyone here invested in them? Are they a partner of bulb?



I’m a bit late here but we’re not partners of Ripple Energy. Did you find out anymore about investing in them?


I’m a bit late here but we’re not partners of Ripple Energy. Did you find out anymore about investing in them?

I found out how much it would cost, usually around £1200 for an average home for the first year.

I’m not sure exactly how they directly lower your energy Bills unless they give you the generation certificates for the share if energy you generate.

Only noticed as bulb follow them on Twitter so I thought there may be someone at bulb who has looked into it.

It was a curious proposition. If I had some capital able to be invested.

I’m sure some of the bulb staff would too if they were in a favourable position to be able to. Basically ripple are building wind farms and you directly buy a portion of the generated capacity making it more efficient than each person having a small turbine or solar on their roof.

Thanks for sharing this @FromTheValleys

Looks like you can invest as little as £10 in Ripple.

The model is similar to our Purchase Power Agreements with large renewable generators. By entering these long terms agreement, independent generators are guaranteed income. The more demand, the more renewable generation they’ll be. Renewable generation is cheaper, so in the long run, your bills will be cheaper.

@Rose_Elizabeth12 thank you for bumping my thread, it reinforced my interest in the scheme.

@“Eleanor at Bulb” I think ripple is a great idea, if I could invest £10 or £100 I think it would be great.

I’m personally a bit tentative about being involved in brand new ideas and concepts hence why I like to wait for products, services etc to mature before becoming part of them.

For me that is why I’m holding out for a smart meter, at least until the creases have been ironed out.

I just thought it was an interesting concept. Because if us customers can be part of a collective we can control and invest in the types of energy we want directly without the large expense of say 3k for an average solar system.

Just slightly off topic for the thread, what’s your opinion of on shore vs off shore wind? I personally think offshore is better as winds tend to be more consistent off shore and people are less likely to complain about an eyesore.

Sorry I’m a bit late to the party, ive signed up to the mailing list for ripple, hoping they would be partnering with Bulb. So if anyone’s still listening, its something I’d be interested in also.

Here is the information from the crowdfunding web site:

“Note - this campaign is to raise equity investment in Ripple the company, not a wind farm project. Ripple expects to be able to launch its first wind farm project for consumer ownership later in 2019.”

My first concern is that the investment could be very illiquid. Essentially, the proposal is to build windfarms which have a nominal 25-year lifespan, so there needs to be a secondary market for those for those invested to be able to get their money back if they need it sooner. Ripple themselves could run this secondary market.

Community Benefit Societies are described here:

In principle, I think it is a good idea but I want to see more information before I would put any significant amount of money into it; I take the view that I would want to put ~£1k in to cover the amount of electricity that I would use.

If Bulb were to become a supply partner to Ripple, that would have an effect on my decision.