Has anyone with smart meter issues moved from Bulb and had them resolved?

I’m so utterly fed up with trying to get someone at Bulb to take responsibility to resolve the fact that my SMETS2 meters haven’t worked since installation, that I’m looking to change supplier, for both lower prices but primarily in the hope that someone will actually keep me informed about the meter situation.

My concern is it will actually make things worse and add complexity to an already complex situation!

Does anyone have any experience here of good results?

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I don’t have them, but from what I have learned, issues with smart meters is industry wide right now. I have been told this by a few suppliers in my journey to switch.

Bulb are quick and honestly quite heavy handed at making you take on smart meters, but don’t want to admit they don’t work well enough yet for anyone to justify this.

I’m exactly the same - want to leave this shambles of credits then large bills every other month because Bulb cant / wont read my gas meter but can read my electric !!
Been like this since May 2019 now - fed up of emailing and phoning just to get the usual “its been escalated and someone will be in touch!”
My question is the same as yours - will it be any better elsewhere?
It cant be any worse !!!

I’ve read several comments from Bulb staff that are rather worrying in that regard - the most recent today here: Smart Meter has Started Working (@Gabby_at_Bulb)

The general evidence around smart meters strongly suggest that the whole scheme is poorly thought out, and then badly implemented (twice!), and the level of indirection (with 3 industry parties involved most of the time) adds unnecessary complexity to the mix (a sure recipe for poor results).

Same here since joining Bulb,really haven’t been in control of my energy.
Supposed to have a smart meter but don’t even know if it’s working,as Bulb don’t seem to know.Looks as though I’m paying more for my energy than before I joined bulb.
But changing again might make matters worse.
Really disappointed in Bulb,only a small Company and wanted to support them,but not sure they’re up to the job.

My frustration is with the absence of communication and ownership from Bulb. As an engineer, I have a deeper understanding of the complexities behind the scenes and the time/bandwidth constraints inherent in the system than some and I’m very sympathetic to the technical challenges, some of which are beyond Bulb’s control

All I want is for someone at Bulb to talk to me, even just once a month, to tell me what the current status of the situation is. My concern is that they aren’t being proactive, so this just goes on and on, going round the same loop every time I make contact.

Every promise made to me has been broken so far and it’s that lack of customer service that galls.

All companies make mistakes, to err is human, it’s how you deal with those mistakes that makes loyal customers. Bulb are failing me currently but equally they are failing themselves. It’s been 14 months since my meter installation and Bulb haven’t received a single reading from them.

Having made that investment, one would think it’s in their own interest to gain the benefits, even putting aside the customer’s interest?

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@gongo358 Welcome to Bulb Community!

I’m sorry to hear things haven’t been great since you joined. I have had a look at your account, I can see that you switched to us with a SMETS 1 meter. SMETS 1 meters can only communicate with the installing supplier which I can see is OVO. We don’t have the software we need to communicate with your meter but this is something that we are continuously working on obtaining. We have managed to communicate with many SMETS 1 meters already and we hope to be able to communicate with them all really soon. In the meantime we ask that you take manual meter readings until we are able to read your meter. If you need any assistance reading your meters just let us know!

@ALW I can appreciate your frustration, and I am really sorry that there has been a lack of communication regarding this matter. We want to ensure that you’re getting the best service at all times, and I will definitely put forward having a mass communication on smart issues every so often so that members stay in the loop.

I also had a check of your account to find the root cause of your meter not sending us readings. So far everything looks in line. I would like to try changing your reading preferences on your meter to daily. This works because instead of relying on the meter to push us a reading for the billing date, which can have issues, daily reads pulls a reading from the meter each day. Pulling readings is much more reliable. Ill pop you an email and hope to hear from you soon.


You’ve just highlighted why I’m so frustrated!

You already asked for my permission to change to daily reads, on the 8th January (via Beth) and I gave my permission then. Now you seem to be implying you never did this?

How you can tell me that you want to ensure me the best service at all times leaves me incredulous, as this is clearly not the case currently and every employee I’ve engaged with has let me down.

In my last online chat with Kerry S, they were more honest than you are being currently, admitting Bulb had handled this very badly and promising me they would take personal ownership of the issue and keep me informed. That was over a month ago and I’ve heard nothing.

I sincerely hope that you can see from the tone of my last post, I’m prepared to be understanding, have sympathy for the technical issues but this business relationship has to be built on trust and honesty. Admitting your failings would be a good start!

I will reply to your email with permission to change to daily pulls, but can you tell me, have you received a single reading from any of my meters so far, and do you not have some kind of automated metric to identify such issues with meter reading that triggers action on your part?

What I don’t currently have any confidence in, is that you’ve done anything to fix the issues I’m experiencing.

If you want to email with with some history of what you’ve done, I’d be delighted to receive it and it may start to build some confidence.

Your suggestion of a mass communication would help, but it risks being too generic if it doesn’t address specific customers issues, so maybe grouping customers by the problem that they have, then communicating what the progress and status of that issue would be useful.

My customer service training always taught me to under-promise and over-deliver, it’s always a more satisfying result for the customer, it’s really important that you set realistic expectations and follow up if they are not met.

Can I also ask why you need my permission to change the reading frequency? I don’t own the meters and the only downside I can see with regular readings is a greater load on the WAN/DCC and a reduction in battery life for the gas meter, neither of which I’m responsible for maintaining?

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