Has "Bulb Smart Tariff" been withdrawn?

I was very happy to receive the email indicating that smets1 smart meters can now be read by Bulb. However I notice it no longer possible to sign up for the Smart Tariff.

Has the Smart Tariff now been withdrawn? Will it be available again in the future?


Still exists: https://bulb.co.uk/smart/

But it’s now only for SMETS2 meters, and appears to have been hobbled into a rather pointless 2-rate tariff. Disappointing.

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Hi @thebaps1 -

First generation (SMETS1) meters are currently in the process of being enrolled on the centralised smart network, but currently the smart tariff is only available for SMETS2 meters, as @Hooloovoo has pointed out.

@Jim_at_Bulb The announcements you’ve been sending out about being able to read SMETS1 meters … is that just a certain brand or all DCC-migrated SMETS1 meters? Will you be offering multi-rate tariffs on DCC-migrated SMETS1 meters?

Currently we’ve able to read Secure SMETS1 meters as these are DCC-migrated, but later in the year other SMETS1 meters should be migrated to the DCC as well. We’ll be passing on any updates we get from them to our members.

There’s nothing to report on a multi-rate tariff for SMETS1 currently.

Thanks for the reply’s. Hopefully the SMETS1 limitations will be resolved soon.

In the event of this not happening will there be a path to a SMETS2 upgrade without having to leave bulb?

Excellent. So, just to be clear, does that mean you’re able to read any SMETS1 meter that has been migrated? I know my non-Secure SMETS1 meter has been migrated.

Hi @Hooloovoo,

As this a relatively new process, I’ve asked the smart data team for clarity on this. I’ll be back in touch when I have an update.

p.s - I’m liking your ‘Respected’ title (quite jealous). If anyone wants to send some likes my way, I won’t complain :sunglasses:


Any news @Noah_at_Bulb?

I just noticed you repeat the information that you can read Secure-brand DCC-migrated SMETS1 meters, but not all DCC-migrated SMETS1 meters. Seems a bit odd given all DCC-migrated meters are supposed to subsequently work the same. I suppose it’s more complicated than that.

Hi @Hooloovoo,

Yes, I do have an update. Sorry, it took a bit of time for them to get back to me.

Firstly, I need to clear up above what Jim said. Our Secure SMETS1 meters are not DCC migrated. We now have access to the Secure Front End, which is a seperate network to the DCC. We can remotely read Secure SMETS1 but its not on the same smart network as our SMETS2 meters.

Secondly, SMETS1 integration into the DCC network is expected before the end of 2020. Has you supplier confirmed that your non-Secure SMETS1 has been migrated to the DCC? Are they now receiving smart reads?

Ah, that’s what I expected. That’s makes more sense.

Both n3rgy and my supplier have confirmed that my Elster meter has completed DCC migration. However, neither of them can yet access the data because they are still in the process of completing the SMETS1-DCC access requirements, which bizarrely doesn’t come by default with the SMETS2 access authorisation. More hoops to jump through! Both hope to have this completed pretty soon, though. How are Bulb getting on with your SMETS1-DCC paperwork?

Hi @Hooloovoo

Hoops to jump through is the best description I’ve heard of the SMETS1 migration to date. We’ve started the process now, and have migrated our ‘secure’ SMETS1 meters over to the DCC, with a view to have migrated all our SMETS1s by the end of 2020.

Mildly interesting piece of trivia, ‘secure’ SMETS1 meters all have ‘P’ as the third digit of their serial number. Well, trivia I find mildly interesting, but maybe I’m just a bit of a nerd.

Hmm. Well @Noah_at_Bulb says you haven’t migrated your Secure-brand meters yet. And since you’ve only “started the process” of getting authorisation to read migrated SMETS1 meters, it seems likely Noah is correct otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read them yet.

Hi @Hooloovoo

You make an excellent point, the migration hasn’t fully completed. Apologies if that was unclear, I was trying to give a rough idea of where we are with the whole process.

Ah, I see, yes, there’s a difference between simple migrated and “now actually readable”.

Although if you “now have access to the Secure Front End” and you’re reading them via the separate network, rather than from the DCC, doesn’t that mean they can’t have been migrated yet? Or are migrated meters accessible from both the DCC and their original supplier/manufacturer systems?

Hi @Hooloovoo

So the Secure Front End is indeed separate from the DCC. I was over simplifying a bit there, whilst we are in the process of migrating these meters behind the scenes the current way we are taking reads is distinct from the DCC smart network.

Thanks for the info. When you’re reading a meter via the Secure Front End, presumably it will go offline again from the point it begins being migrated to the DCC, until you’re able to start reading it again via the DCC. Do you have a feeling for how long the outage would be at the point of an individual meter migration?

Hi @Hooloovoo

I can see why you’d think that, but there actually shouldn’t be a gap at all. We wouldn’t enroll the secure meters until the DCC was all ready to go, so it’s very unlikely there’d be a gap unless we ran into some sort of issue switching the two.

So there’ll be a bit of a gap then :laughing:

Thanks for the info, all very interesting.

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Can we have an answer to the original post please?

The new 2 rate prices are pretty rubbish to be honest, so are we going to see a pricing scheme that might help out EV owners as I’m tempted?

Following on from SMETS1 migration discussion, is migration by the end of the year pie in the sky thinking because I can tell you now the DCC are only upgrading about 100,000 meters a week, that will be a long way short of the remaining 9,000,000 at the end of the year.