Have Bulb got a new CEO?

I’ve been with Bulb over 2 years, always recommended them as I check the unit prices monthly and they have always been competitive, they used to be very people friendly too but, they seemed to have changed almost overnight! I can only think there’s been a (massive) change in management/attitude :frowning:
suddenly they want a months payment up front, I thought only those on a meter had to do that? Now they want to increase my direct debit to £75.15 a month a 50% increase, yes 50 %!
I get an email to say I’m £52.80 in debit, well I’m not as you’ve literally just taken £50 yesterday so I’m actually £2.80 in debit which I don’t think I’m going to get too worked up about, but to expect me to increase to £75 is really taking the p.

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Hi @linsinclair, sorry to hear that you feel our attitude has changed towards our members.

We’re still as member focused as possible, part of the reason in having a community page is so that members can voice opinions and we’ll listen to them.

Your payment is currently pending so it will improve the balance. However, we do expect members to have built up a credit balance over the summer going into winter, which is why we’ve sought to increase your payment amount so that when those bigger winter bills come in your account will have the correct balance.

Hope this makes a bit more sense for you!

thanks for responding Oisin,
I hear what you’re saying but still, a 50% increase? things are very difficult for a lot of people just now, this kind of increase is not helpful!


50% increase?
Luxury…mine’s 116%!
I’ve signed up with another supplier now.


Why is it Bulb are the only company where a payment is usually pending for around 5 days?

Hi @SPR428,

I can’t account for other suppliers, but I know that this is down to the direct debit agreement with the bank and how they process these payments.

There’s other rules as well such as Sunday can either mean the DD is taken earlier or later etc, which is down to how the bank operates rather than us.

Nice one Oisin blame the banks, Just like our Government blame the public for the problems we are having at the moment and not how the Government have handled this. So how is it that you can all of a sudden say,
Seeing that you are in credit by more than a months direct debit we will leave your payments the same and you will not be affected by the increase.

@Timm It’s not a question of blame, @Oisin_at_Bulb was just clarifying why the direct debit is requested a few days before the payment date.

It sounds like one of the team have looked into your account balance and historic usage and have agreed that your account should still stay in credit over the winter