Have Bulb stopped responding to this Community

Have Bulb stopped responding to this Community

It would appear so, but they do find the time to delete entire topics concerning their imminent insolvency due to financial difficulties.

Not a good sign.

I got out a few days ago. I was thinking of leaving anyway due to the smart meter fiasco here & the availability of cheaper green rates elsewhere, so this bankruptcy was the final straw for me.

I’d advise anyone who has excess credit on their account to request a refund asap.

It was good while it lasted.

No, but I think they were probably a little busier than usual at the start of the week, as I imagine their telephone call volumes will have skyrocketed.

No, the posts have not been deleted, but they have been relocated under a different (less inflammatory) topic heading, now that Bulb have made public comments (on their blog) about the current situation.


Hi @PatMan , @stuart0742 :wave:

As @stevefoster mentions we’re a little busy at the minute with inflow across our channels, as this is such an extraordinary time for the energy sector, so might take a little longer to respond, but we’re still very much present.

And yes, if you look you’ll see I’ve merged all the threads relating to the current media into one place as there were a lot of similar conversations happening in different places.

You can follow this link to find everything: Energy in the media