Have E7 thinking of a smart 3 rate meter

Hi I have an E7 meter thinking of a smart meter
If this doesn’t register what would be the default unit cost in region 13 be!! anyone any ideas???

What does this mean? What is the question?

You can look up tariff info for different regions here: https://bulb.co.uk/tariff/

Hi not much of an answer I already know the tariff’s for region 13 so at what rate would it default to single rate or another as it would cost me more for night time storage heaters

Terribly sorry it’s not much of an answer. As a fellow customer I’ll try to do better when voluntarily helping you.

I still don’t understand what you’re asking. Are you asking what the single rate tariff is for your area if you leave the Economy 7 tariff? If so, the answer is still on the link I provided. Just make sure you don’t tick the “I have an Economy 7 meter for my electricity” box and you’ll get the single rate costs.

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And maybe not much of a question either.

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Hi I currently have an E7 meter I am thinking of a smart meter so that I may be able to swap to the 3rate tariff as there seems to be a lot of smart meters not working as smart after they are installed all that I am asking is if this does happen will I have to pay the standard single 24hr rate for my night time storage heaters???

The meters are remotely reconfigurable for anything between single rate, and 48 different half-hourly rates. It’s not a hardware issue, just an issue of whether and when Bulb have the backend software capable of supporting it.

Bulb haven’t officially said that E7 is available on their SMETS2 smart meters, but anecdotally on here there have been reports of customers that do have their new meters configured for E7. The 3-rate smart tariff is definitely not yet available on their SMETS2 meters, only on compatible SMETS1.

If the installation doesn’t work at all for some reason, then yes there is a possibility that you’ll end up stuck on single rate until Bulb can fix it after an undetermined amount of time.

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Hi thanks but as far as I know smets 2 is either a single/ multi rate or a smets 2 is fixed for E7 rate because of extra meter tails so it seems I might aswell hang on to my old E7 as long as I can and just ignore the offers from bulb for a new meter until there is more clarity into what will work and what will not as for getting a smart meter installed would involve extra timers to be added separately for night time circuit

All SMETS 2 meters are remotely reconfigurable.

If you have a 5-terminal meter (i.e., there are 5 cables connected to the meter) then you can’t have a smart meter anyway. As you say, you’d need a separate timer and contactor to control the off-peak switched circuit, and that work would have to be done first in order to prepare your local installation at your own cost before the meter was changed.

At some point 5-terminal smart meters might be available. Note this doesn’t mean they’ll be E7-only and not remotely configurable, just that they support a meter-controlled switched off-peak circuit. My view is I can’t see anyone actually making them, though. Separate control systems downstream from the meter are better these days.

Hi yer bacislly was interested in 3rate because it would work out cheaper if it worked!! E7 smart meters are available from other suppliers!! But if a smart meter didn’t work for the 3rate tariff my heating costs would almost double that is what I was trying to find out!! Would there be any other options apart from being left on a single rate tariff but it seems not thanks for your time J. Ps only 4tails from meter not 5!!

You don’t need to worry about the extra meter tails and timers then since you don’t have a dedicated night time circuit. That makes things a lot easier and Bulb will be able to fit you a smart meter configured for E7. You just have to hope you’re one of the ones that doesn’t have any problems!

You still wont be able to go onto the 3-rate smart tariff yet though.

Hi yer at the moment E7 meter night time E7 circuit is switched on by the network so would need to sort timers out if I went smart for a multi rate rather than a deadicaterd E7 meter so it looks like hanging on to what I have got even though bulb are communicating for me to switch to a 3rate meter take care J.

How is your off peak circuit controlled if you don’t have a 5-terminal meter?

Hi it’s controlled by the meter off-peak circuit switches on when meter goes off-peak at the time choosen by the network but supply in not bonded by network so only 4tails 2for 24hr and 2for off-peak circuit

So far as I know, Bulb are not currently installing smart meters where E7 is in use using 5 tails. My meter has stopped changing over to normal rate as the separate clock is dead! I notified Bulb, who said they can’t replace the meter yet and they’re happy to bill me at the lower rate until they have compatible smart meters.

Hi lucky you yer my meter is an old network but as I said earlier on only has 4tails as it is not a bonded supply the internal clock responds to the network to make switch to off-peak

That makes no sense. That would be 6 tails in total, including the two incoming.

It sounds more like you don’t actually have an off-peak circuit.

Hi that’s right but the incoming supply is not classed as a tail only the output from meter are called tails so that’s 2 from network isolation fuses into meter and 4 tails coming out 2 which are 24hr and 2 which are off-peak 7hr timed by the network meter also there’s a sticker with meter bar code and E7 aswell as bulb billing me for the day and night readings that I supply to them!! Take care J.

Not sure I agree on your definition of tails, but it doesn’t matter.

So you have a meter with 6 cables going into it? I’ve never seen one with more than 5. If that’s the case I don’t think there’s any chance of you getting a smart meter without some major changes to your local installation first.