Have I made the right decision moving from SSE

Hi Guys,
Just started the move over to Bulb from SSE and then out of the blue they are putting the prices up as well and not the first time this year what I have read. So I’m in a position have I made the right choice.

I’ve already responded in the same manner on a similar post, but having been a member of Bulb for just over a year. In that time I’ve seen two price drops, and then the two price rises you speak of.

Bulb dropped their prices twice in three months (I think) because market conditions were more favourable and they wanted to pass the savings onto members. I personally don’t trust other energy providers to do the same so I’m staying put. When Bulb say prices have to go up, I believe them, but I wouldn’t believe a big six supplier if they said the same.

Obviously you have to re-assess your own finances etc, and see if a better deal is out there for you, but given the way things are I can’t see you saving much elsewhere. Hope this provides some perspective.

Hi, Thanks for that, I have had a good look round and as you say “I can’t see you saving much elsewhere” So I might just see/leave for a couple of months and see what its like.

I agree with mathew744, I have been with then almost a year now and have had increases and decreases but overall more than happy with pricing. Another area I do like is the communication be it this community ,chat, phone or email, they do answer all queries which has to be commended considering the amount of questions they get asked.
Yes there are a few niggles but they are prepared to listen and will make changes where appropriate.

I’m certainly not going anywhere.
With wholesale prices on an upward trend, it’s a pretty safe bet that other companies’ prices are not going to remain static. Equally, if wholesale falls, Bulb will be in the vanguard in reducing their tariff.
And to echo @scudo, Bulb have a lot more going for them than just the bottom line.

@Timm It is obviously not idea to get this news so soon after you have applied to switch to us. You do have 60 days before we change our prices and we don’t charge exit fees so if you find a better tariff in this time you are free to leave at no cost.

The wholesale costs will be affecting the whole industry, all suppliers will have or will have to increase their prices. The difference with us is that whenever there is a £20 decrease in wholesale costs, we pass these onto our members. We think the variable tariff is a really positive thing because of this, we are able to pass savings more quickly to all our members than most other suppliers.