Have not received FIT payments or been asked for meter reading

Hi all,

I signed up for FIT payments last year - I only just remembered I’d done this and realised that bulb has never asked me for a meter reading nor paid me any FIT payments.

When I go to the Bulb FIT Sign up Page it displays “Completed October 15 2018” but no further details.

I’ve tried emailing but no reply yet. Anyone else had issues getting FIT payments?

Two weeks and no reply from Bulb. Was thinking of switching anyway, this is likely the nail that seals it.

My electricity readings with Bulb are going in reverse due to my current FIT payments being retained via Scottish Power (who have regularly provided quarterly statements/payments on my submitting readings quarterly)
However it seems BULB need to get an engineer out to change the meter which probably now aged over last 9 years of solar electricity, & I was thinking of switching to their FIT as seems logical to have the two accounts together, but your comments are making me think twice!!!..anyone else care to comment??

If your meter is going backwards when exporting then it’s because it is faulty. No meter should ever run backwards. It’s nothing to do with where your FIT payments are handled, which is purely an administrative process.

You and/or your solar installer should have reported the meter running backwards at the time the PV was installed, so that whoever was the supplier at the time could replace the old faulty meter.

For all this time you’ve been stealing electricity, since you’ve been getting paid for exports twice. Firstly through the FIT scheme, and secondly through your import being incorrectly recorded and so effectively an additional refund for export at your import rate.

Yes your meter will have to be replaced. Your metered electric usage will go up because you’re no longer allowing the meter to illegally run backwards.

What you do with your FIT payments is irrelevant to any of this.

Also slightly off topic - since I haven’t even been getting my FIT payments despite my registration being complete.

So we know how ping they’re taking to reply to emails at the minute? Creeping up on 3 weeks here with no correspondence apart from their initial mail which said 5 days.