Have prices gone up too much

My bills have gone up 33% since October is this correct? I don’t put my heating on at all because I can’t afford to. Also my smart meter shows no data available at least half the time

Hugely! I can’t afford it sometimes coming to the end of the month. It’s mainly electric but gas is just as bad

Unfortunately I’m all electric, it’s 11.15 am and my smart meter is reading £1.18, for what! All I’ve done so far is make a cup of coffee!!

Hi @slew,

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Our tariff has increased as the cost of the energy we buy in advance has gone up. You can read more about this here: https://bulb.co.uk/blog/energy-price-watch-were-changing-our-prices-sept-20

If you notice your IHD is registering usage before you’ve used anything significant, that’s very likely because it now displays standing charge as part of your usage and this is generally added in the early hours.

Freya @ bulb

Hi Freya
My smart meter is currently reading £1.73 and it’s only midday!, there has to be something wrong, is it possible to check please