Have smart meter but no statements

I have a bulb account since April and have smart meter so I see my daily usage for electric and gas and no need to submit meter readings. I only had a statement for April and since then my account does not show how much I used the months and I am in a huge amount of credit. Because I don’t see any deduction at all since April I have no idea what is my actual credit so I am afraid to change my direct debit as not sure how much I should pay a month. Why I don’t have any statement at all??? Any idea how to get statement to find out what is my actual balance?


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I’ve taken a quick look at your account and the reason why the bills haven’t come through looks to be an issue with your opening meter reading- the one on the account is a lot higher than the smart meter readings we’ve been getting so our system suddenly thinks you’ve used negative energy . This is definitely wrong so I have raised a dispute with your previous supplier to make sure we get that corrected for you and all the bills are using the right readings.

I’ve sent you an email about this as well so we can go from there :blush: