Have you received an IHD?

Hi. I had a smart meter installed almost two years ago. It didn’t work correctly for a while, but did eventually. But this meant that the engineer couldn’t leave an IHD. I’ve been asking Bulb for months when we can have an IHD, but keep being told they don’t have any in stock. Is this correct? And if so when will they be available?

Hi @andrewgilbert1974

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We are currently having issues with stock, I have made sure that you are added to the waitlist so we will contact you when we have an IHD available.

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Hi i have just joined bulb but i dont have a IHD display … how do i get one?

thanks Jason

Hi @Jasonan4q2,

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After looking into your account, we see that you have first generation smart meters from Secure (a smart meter brand), at the moment we don’t have any secure IHDs in stock nor are we able to hand them out since we’re all working from home :sob:

But, I have added your account to our IHD waiting list for when we can deliver one to you :relaxed:

Do let me know if you have more questions, we’re all happy to help on here.

Difficult to see how you could hand them out if you don’t have them in stock, working from home or otherwise.
Superflous statement at best.