Haven't been billed or received IHD since smart meter installation in July

Pretty much as the title says - had smart meters installed on 20th July this year. The engineer didn’t have an IHD with him and told me he’d put a request in for one to be sent out within a few days. I’ve chased this twice since and have been told I am on a waiting list - surely it shouldn’t take this long?

The more pressing issue is that I haven’t been billed since the smart meters were installed, but have continued to have money taken via direct debit so my account is now over £700 in credit and I’ve got no idea how much energy I’m using each month.

Please can someone help resolve this! Thanks in advance.

Same here. Smart meters fitted two months ago, usage figures are all there in my bulb account, but no statements or bills issued - I am now over £300 in credit.

Same for me - I am now £750 in credit. I had a smart meter installed in July and have not had a statement or bill since then.

Same for me also. Had Smart Meters installed in middle of August, but my last statement/bill was at end of July. I am over £600 in credit.

An update to my post.

I sent off manual readings via the app for both gas and electricity, and three days later received an up to date statement, money taken for energy used, so all OK now.

Hi @Melski1989, welcome to Community! Sorry for the delayed response - I can see we’ve added you to our IHD waitlist, and I’ve sent you an email now requesting some information so we can get your bills rectified.

@twy49 and @cdchris2 thanks for your posts, I can see your accounts look up to date now so that’s great! Feel free to post here if you have any other questions.

@JamesBath I’ve sent you an email asking for some more info so we can get this sorted for you.