Having solar installed


I’ve just signed on the dotted line to have solar fitted (although actual install will be in late July).

Where do Bulb fit into this? Are Bulb involved in the feed in tariff at all?

Hey there @lloydwatkin, great to hear that you’re getting solar panels fitted. A Feed in Tariff is actually similar to a normal energy tariff, except roles are reversed. You provide the energy and the energy company pays you for it. Everyone who has a Feed in Tariff will be signed up with a supplier like this. You don’t need your energy supplier to be the same one who you have signed up for your Feed in Tariff.

Bulb doesn’t currently do a FiT, but it’s high up on our To Do list. Once we’ve got that sorted out you will be able to switch your FiT to us.

Hope that helps!

The other thing is that, in my experience, PV is incompatible with smart meters - it messes with the metrics. At least that was how things were three years ago.

HI @willmow, We have noted your comment about your experience with smart meters, we’ll be working to ensure that when we roll out smart meters next year that they don’t suffer these problems. thanks!