Having some serious issues with Bulb

I have just (within the last 2 Months) switched to Bulb for both my Business and home supplies. The Business has been closed down due to Government instruction and in the last 24 hours, I have tried to top up the home electricity meter.

The meter is not showing any top up, in spite of the fact it says “Token Accepted” and I have the PayPoint receipt that says it was credited by the retailer.

In regards the Business, the Direct Debit is still ongoing in spite of the fact I have explained the situation via email. The only reply I have had is that Direct Debits will continue no matter the useage or duration of non useage. i am getting to the point of stopping the Direct Debit if Bulb are not prepared to listen to what I am saying. Much as I get that Bulb are charging a set amount in advance, this is no reason for them to amass hundreds of pounds in unused credit without any possible way in the online account to reclaim any overpayment.

Bulb have literally less than a week to sort this situation out, or else I will find another supplier without any further delay.

Are you not able to reduce your direct debit payment down to the minimum of £5 (that was the lowest amount at one time)?

The minimum payment is approximately £4 below their normal charge and still works out at over £30 per month for empty premises. The online account will not let me go any lower.

II have just checked my past statements and on two monthly consecutive months I reduced my monthly direct debit down to £5, this was when I was substantially in credit and my aim was to reduce this credit. I wonder if different “rules” apply to business accounts?

That would be fine if it was classed as a Business Account. The shop that I rent is classed as a private address, hence it is seen as residential, so I doubt that is the case.

I think @Allanr was referring to their experience of domestic usage. I’d expect the minimum direct debit to be different for business premises. Since your business is being charged as a private address, that must mean that the minimum direct debit amount has been changed recently. Can anyone confirm that?

This help article says you can apply to pause your payments.

Pausing your payments

If you can’t pay at the moment, you can apply to pause your payments until you’re in a better position to pay.

As for your prepayment meter at home you’ll have to contact Bulb to discuss the problem. If you have an emergency (i.e., your credit has completely run out) then phone them. If you still have credit available, try live chat via the help page. Once this is all over, I’d suggest arranging to get rid of the awful thing completely and move to standard monthly payment.

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Hi @paul3 :wave:

I’ve dropped you an email about this now.

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