Head Office

Why is your head office in the most expensive part of UK ? Go elsewhere to even out the work and allow your workers to live in a place which is not completely unaffordable. UK fixation with London damages us all.

Hi @Seadog. We’re based in London because we live here. We appreciate that London is more expensive though, which is why we’re a Living Wage employer. We pay the real cost of living, which takes into account the higher costs of London.

It is still a very good question though, you could work from an office in any part of the country but you live in London so okay but there are cheaper parts of London to operate from. Now you are rapidly expanding you are recruiting more and thereby causing more population density in London. This is not a sustainable approach but I suspect you see yourselves as cool and hip therefore need an office in such area.
Have a rethink on this strategy, office moves when you outgrow your current premises will be v expensive. How much rent do you pay per month?

@mjp, Bulb are currently based at Second Home so although in London, it’s not like they (currently) have a multi-million pound office all to themselves.