Hello, and goodbye Bulb

Hey, just read all the jokey comments from the so called “Operators”, I’m out of here before my account goes live, I’ll be checking my bank account to make sure you don’t take a penny, ha !!!

@Bluefelt , what are you on about?

Hi @Bluefelt we are very sorry to hear this, we find that the majority of our members really enjoy our more informal tone

@bluefelt I can’t imagine what you would find offensive about the operators at Bulb. They have always been super helpful and friendly to me and quite frankly, it’s refreshing to speak to people who sound human rather than reading from a template.

@Bluefelt - Your loss. I’m a happy customer.

Delighted to hear you’re enjoying the Bulb experience guys, and if anyone has any advice or recommendations on how we can do better we’re always super happy to get feedback