Help and Support sub-forum - no page navigation.

I hadn’t really noticed until now but on the Help and Support sub-forum, the page navigation doesn’t exist.

The pages are still there if you stick /p# on the end of the web address, but to a standard user, they are basically inaccessible.

Maybe some Bulb folks are also missing threads because of it?

@mowcius Ignore if you read this pre edit.

Ah. Excellent. I’ll raise this bug with our tech team.

Don’t worry, we’re not missing any discussions though, every new discussion and comment raises a ticket with a link to the thread that someone from Bulb reads.

@“Will at Bulb”, there are a couple of old threads that I can’t answer that are from a few weeks ago, for example this, this and this. Maybe you’ve seen them and contacted users another way but it looks a little bit like they were forgotten about.

There are many threads that end with further questions from members but no answers, if bulb lead us to expect an answer - as I think you do - then our expectations are frequently not being met.

@Will at Bulb, can you confirm how tickets are handled in your system?

If a thread receives an answer from the Bulb team, does the ticket get closed?

As @mjp says, there are a number of threads that have been “answered” but then the OP (or another member) has come back a few days/weeks later with another question which has been missed.

@mowcius Sorry for the late response to your original message on the 22nd of November.

As for those posts you’ve listed. We’ve been in contact with each of those members on an a separate thread but I do agree it looks like we haven’t answered their questions.

Normally, if we have gotten back to the customer we would close the ticket on our side.

Every new comment will generate a ticket so we will do our best to get to each one.

Every new comment will generate a ticket so we will do our best to get to each one.
And I thought the number of notifications I got was pretty insane!

What are your plans for handling this in the future? It’s obvious that the current situation of getting a notification for each new comment is not sustainable considering reasonable growth

@mowcius some people love it

[mic drop]

Actually, @“Will at Bulb” is probably thinking about this issue for Community super-users, but I’m not sure it’s formally on any roadmap yet.