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why does the bill go up if you are in credit

why does the bill go up if you are in credit

Not sure if your are referring to your actual monthly staement or your monthly direct debit payment, but…

Could be due to a number of reasons, typically:

  1. Take into account price increase due on 11 November

  2. Using more energy during the most recent and following months.

  3. Is your credit sufficient to pay one month in advance for your energy use

  4. Have you been submitting regular monthly meter readings, if not your bills will be based on estimated readings which possibly could be higher than actual.

I am assuming you are referring to your monthly Bill/statement, This will vary from month to month, so in colder months it will be higher. However your dd is based on a years estimated consumption divided by 12, this ensures your monthly payments are the same each month even though Bills will vary.