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Can’t log into my account

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Hi @kp20002001,

I’ve sent you a password reset to your email so you should be able to log in through there. Let me know if you’re still having issues.


Hello! When I log in on browser, the only option I get is to come here or sign in with a different email. Has anyone else had this issue? :confused:


Hey @AccountsVCL,

I’ve popped you an email now with a link to log into your account! Let me know if you have any questions about that. :smile:


Please could you send me an email as I’m having the same trouble

Hey @roxannekaydaglish - I’ve popped you an email to do a password reset now! Let me know if you still have issues after that.

Hi I’m having the same trouble and the app just says there an error.

Hey @Debbie67,

I’ve just popped you an email to set up your account now - apologies this hadn’t been done before. Once you’ve set that up, you can follow this link for WHD applications!

Let me know if you have any questions.


Have been with bulb for a while. I would now like to add my gas to my account that has my electric, how can I do this? Can’t seem to find a way to do so.

Many thanks,


I am having what seems to be a common issue as a new customer and cannot log in anywhere except the community hub. I am looking to submit my first meter reading

I believe i need an account reset of sorts?

A very frustrating start as a bulb customer!


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I also cannot log in for the first time to submit my meter reading.

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Hi there,

I’m currently unable to track my switch or access my account. When I login, it only gives me the option of coming here or signing in with a different email address. Can someone help me?

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Hi I cant login to my account, it says that ‘we’re having trouble finding your account.’

Please I can’t login to my account all the time his telling me we can find your account what’s the problem

Please can you send me an email too.

My switch was due to happen on 31st Jan, but when I try to log into my bulb account or reset my password, it says Bulb are having trouble locating my account and I’m sent in circles to reset and verify my email address. Does anyone know how I can log in and find confirmation that the switch has happened? I presume I should have provided meter readings by now…?

Many thanks
Just have to perservere with trying to contact them.
They will have to reset your account from their end.
Best of British, you will need it

Hey everyone, thanks for getting in touch here! Going to whizz through my responses so keep an eye out for your mention:

@rusty - I need some more details to add your gas to your account, I’ve popped you an email now!

@Chadders88 and @adam99russell - I can see you’ve added readings now so looks like your issues been sorted - please let me know if you need anything else!

@JakeAndrew and @Cavanna - it unfortunately looks like your switches have been cancelled. If you want to restart this, let me know here and I can get that sorted.

@sirpduco - I’ve sent you a password reset email now which should hopefully resolve your issue. Let me know if it still persists!

@jendolomo1 - I can’t find a Bulb Account linked to the email on your Community page - could you have possibly signed up with a different email?

@Jakeandluke1977 - I’ve replied to you on another thread already, please take a look there.

Sorry for the rapid responses, @ me here if you need any follow up help! :smile: