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I had an email regarding the WHD and a link to apply, I clicked on the link but it said your account is closed you no longer have electricity with us. The only way I top up my account is through the app. How am I supposed to apply for the WHD? One of your colleagues has emailed me links but it just takes me back to the same account.

Hi Jackie, sorry to hear you had a hard time applying for the Warm Home Discount. I can see that we’ve successfully received your application.

We still had the details for your old account on our system which is what caused the issue. Thanks for getting in touch with us so we could explain and help you with this. - Miriam :bulb: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Miriam.
Yes I guessed it was my old account,judging by the date of payments. All sorted now! Would bulb be able to split the WHD payment like they did last year £100 gas £40 electric please?

Many thanks

Hiya Jackie :wave:

When you get your payment we’ll send over a form via email and you will be able to choose how much you’d like on each fuel. That way we get all the requests processed automatically :slight_smile:

Take care - Miriam :green_heart:

Thanks Miriam thats great :+1:

Take Care

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