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My external Electric Meter box is damaged. How can I get the box replaced?

Hi @read88 and welcome to our Community :crown:

Meter boxes are the responsibility of your network operator. We’re only responsible for the meter itself.

I’ve found your account and can see that Western Distribution is your network operator. Their contact number is 0800 096 3080

Hi Noah

Many thanks indeed. I contacted Western Power and they were brilliant and have already resolved the matter, free of charge as well, which is a bonus.

Again, thank you for your help.

Is this valid, I was under the impression meter boxes were the responsibility of the householder?

No, it terms of maintenance it is the network operator’s responsibility. If your meter box is damaged you need to get in touch with your network operator and they will come and fix it.

For example, I’ve seen lots of photos of meter boxes with a missing door and in most of these cases they will come and just replace the meter box.

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Hi my smart meter does not work any more and I wonder if I could have a new one. Mine was a first generation model. Many thanks for your help.

Hi @MichelleSD :zap:

Unfortunately, we’re not replacing this type of smart meter at the moment. The reason we’re not exchanging this type of meter is we’re aiming to to return first generation smart meters to full smart functionality by the end of the year.

We will have more updates about this coming up on Community.

I have submitted four photos of my Meter Readings for a two Tariff - Day and Economy Seven - Meter. I was prevented from entering my readings as the Day and Night Previous Readings have been swapped, so preventing my actual readings from being registered. My last Bill clearly shows that my Night reading is in the 70,000s and my day reading is in the 40,000s, so the discrepancy is internal to Bulb. I have submitted a Space Test, and sent this to the - as mentioned above, but after six days, no one has even acknowledged recieving them. Please can you help resolve this?

Hi @Conrad143

Good to see you back on the Bulb Community!

Thanks for submitting the space test over to us, we appreciate that. I’m really sorry nobody has gotten back to you on this yet. The photos you’ve sent clearly show the day rate reading to be in the 40,000s and the night rate in the 70,000s.

I want to make sure this gets resolved for you, so I’m going to take the case on and send over an email now :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Curtis,

Thank you for your help - I am now able to submit my meter readings which have been accepted.



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Our smart meter stopped working during lockdown and now will only show gas reading. Have tried all the recommended tricks to resolve and nothing has worked.
How do I go about getting it repaired?

Hi @48Wilton

Welcome to the Bulb Community, we’re delighted to have you onboard :ship:

There’s a few reasons that your in-home display might temporarily stop displaying usages. To establish which has happened here - and get it sorted for you - I’m going to send over an email asking for a bit more detail. Don’t worry though, these issues can almost always be fixed remotely.

Hi, I’m having some WiFi issues with my IHD3… the WiFi Connection has dropped (has been a re-occurring issue in the past), which can normally be resolved with me re-entering my WiFi password.

This time however, the WiFi network just will not connect… I’m using a Tenda MW3 mesh router and thought that may be contributing to the problem, so I’d disconnected all but the main hub and also restricted the band to the 2.4hz bandwith in order to try to remove any potential issues but still no joy?

It (the IHD3) will see my network, it just won’t connect to it.

Also, I’d thought that meter reads would still be sent to Bulb regardless of WiFi connectivity - as I know that it is an option to turn WiFi off, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. Bulb rarely receive reads automatically and I’m still having to submit them manually (which isn’t really an issue but it defies the point of a ‘smart meter’.

As I’m unable to connect to the WiFi, I also cannot use the SmartThings app to monitor usage :frowning:

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @RedFaceRum, welcome to our Community and congrats on your first post :raised_hands:

I can see that it has been about 6 weeks since we received our last smart meter reading, so it does look like something is a little awry there. I can see that your meter reading interval preference was set to half-hourly on my system yesterday, so hopefully this should fix this issue of us now receiving your readings. This change can take a few days to settle on our system.

I believe that this is probably what is causing the issue with your IHD, so hopefully once we get those smart meter readings through, your IHD should connect once again.

If you don’t experience any joy with this, let me know and I’ll take a closer look into this :male_detective:

Hi Today I received a statement and the email said that you had received meter readings from my old supplier and had adjusted my last 3 months usage accordingly, what I don’t understand is I have been with BULB since mid 2018! And we have smart meters which you take readings from monthly!

Can someone explain

Hi @0rinoco, I’ve taken a look at the statement in question, and although this email says “from you or your previous supplier”, in fact all it was was that we got a smart meter reading from June coming through a little late and your statement was updated with this retrospectively.

Sorry about that this prompted a consolidated statement like this. However, there’s no need to worry, we’re getting through smart meter readings for both your gas and electricity, so everything’s A-OK from my end :ok_hand:

Thanks Lou

I just found it confusing and glad that you have explained it now.

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Hi, I’m sorry for sounding very confused but I have just switched to FIT payments with Bulb as my previous payments were from Robin Hood Energy and we all know how that has ended. They advised I have to switch manually. I have a generation meter and I also got paid for Export too. During the sign up I was asked if I have an Export meter, I dont. The SMART meter registers Import and Export built in when you press a button it knows when I have exported energy. Does bulb only pay for Generation or can I also submit the export reading too to get the 2 payments I used to receive? Many thanks in advance.
Also while I am here, Bulb recently gained control of my SMETS1 meter and can get readings, woo hoo! However my IHD has not reset at the beginning of the month like it used to and is just accumulating my gas and electricity costs so I wondered if there is anyway someone can tell it to reset at the start of each month?? Again, many thanks in advance for any help you can give x.