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OK I get you. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. I looked into it and it says UK power networks is something for this area and I have emailed them a query. Thanks for the help, as you know I am not getting much help from bulb. I am with octopus from 11th and it cannot come soon enough! But in the meantime I’m still not happy with the current bill and apparently randomly high night usage so I am looking into what I can do, whilst I wait for the extra help unit to come back to me.

sent you an :octopus:code by PM

Bit like ISP’s the lines are owned by BT but rented by isp’s and run as their ovwn(virgin being the exception to this rule)

I already switched, can we still use it?

Yes, go to your octopus dashboard should be able to enter it there

Can’t see where to add it but I have emailed them, ta

Well it doesn’t appear that we are getting anywhere with this ? Nothibg has changed my end? I’ve been more than patient. I’d like to move this on and make a complaint please

My IHD hasn’t been reporting my electricity usage for a number of months. I filed out the online form to reset it a few times with no joy and I noticed today that my electricity usage has been estimated since August. Is there anything that can be done to reestablish the connection?

I’ve got exactly the same issue

Hi afraid we were told this was unable to be resolved at the moment which is a total pain. Not sure I would have agreed if I knew it would only possible to fit one as it’s a nuisance remembering to do readings on the remaining meter. Sorry I can’t be more help

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Still no response to this, though why I’m bothering is what I’m asking myself. My meter was Smart and you took readings for my first bill. I change my reading frequency to half hourly and nothing changes. 26/01/21 I get an email telling me that my meter is Smart again and I’ll get daily reading and here I am 6 weeks later and you still only read the meter twice a month (billing day and day before/after). Useless! I will be leaving Bulb after my year is up.

@jrmcloughlin - it looks like your electricity meter may have fallen off the Home Area Network. This basically means we can’t talk to that meter right now due to a connection issue with the Communications Hub (comms hub) which sits on top of your electricity meter. This hub is the part of your meter setup that sends readings to Bulb and to your in-home display.

We’ve requested for your comms hub to be remotely rebooted, which usually helps re-establish the connection.

If you live in or South of Manchester, the reboot will be complete in 2-3 weeks. If you’re North of Manchester, it will be six weeks.

Your smart meters and IHD should go back to normal after the reboot completes. If you don’t see any improvement after this time, let us know and we can check on it :zap:

In the meantime, please send us manual readings to make sure your statements are accurate. :relaxed:

Hey @ofarrell_sean :wave:

It looks like you managed to get a smart installation but gas meter isn’t commissioned.

At the moment there are a couple of errors that could have occurred causing this and we’re currently working on ways to try and connect your meter to the network remotely without the need for an engineer visit. Once we have these fixes we’ll try and recommission them :relaxed:

Hi @generalpt :relaxed:

You have a semi-concealed meter, which right now we aren’t able to book in for a smart meter exchange.

We book these in through a company called MDS, and we aren’t able to book one-off gas meter exchanges at the moment. We’re hoping this will change soon, but for now unfortunately right now we won’t be able to book one in for you.

We do have your electricity meter sending us readings every half hour, but this won’t be shown on your bills as we only need the starting bill read and closing one to make sure it’s accurate. The half-hourly reads however are used to gather the data used to update the ‘Energy Use’ chart in your Bulb Account which you can see here :zap:

Why wait a year bulb don’t have fixed price /time contracts|?
Therefore they don’t have exit fees

Ok Holly thanks, it would be great to get this fixed so I don’t have to manually read my gas metre any more.

Hi Since Bulb has reactivated my Liberty 100 Smart Gas Meter to take readings remotely. My Separate Liberty 100 Electric meter is only displaying the R01 Number and it doesn’t matter how often I press the number 6 it doesn’t change to RO2 for the night readings, it did display the RO2 previously.

Hi @jntaylor1502 :wave:

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I can see that we are not getting your smart meter reads through to us.

I am going to send you an email requesting some information so we can get to the bottom of this :crossed_fingers:


How often can I give meter readings

As often as you like, but Bulb will only use one per month and only if it’s given at the right time (a day or two before your monthly statement is issued).