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Hello! My smart gas meter has stopped sending readings. I have look at the meter but it doesn’t seem to have a reset button or similar.


Hey @AnaV

I’ve had a look at your account and we’re still receiving regular readings from your meter- it sounds like you mean your IHD? Is it the in home display that’s not showing the use on it?

Hi, thank you very much.
I don’t use the IHD. I look online on my bulb account to see my usage. I was away from home for a while and when I came back, I noticed the electric readings re-started but the gas readings are the same as last time before I went away. I also looked at the gas meter, and it shows the same reading as last the last time I checked.

Hi @AnaV,

We have been receiving smart readings from both your gas and electricity meter which show very small amounts of usage.

Are you in the property at the moment? And using both the electricity and gas? The gas doesn’t look to have been used since the 24.06.2021.

I can also see that your IHD has not been connected for a while. Would you be interested in setting this back up?

– Daisy :bulb:


Yes, I am at the property at the moment. I stopped using gas and electricity on 30th June, then I returned to my property on 17th August and re-started using electricity and gas in a very small amount, correct, but I have been using it since that date.

Re. the IHD, no thanks, I am happy by checking my usage every now and then on my profile at Bulb website.


Hi @AnaV :wave:

I think it’d be worth doing a test on your gas meter to make sure it’s still working correctly.

It’s called a ‘burns test’:
– Start by turning off all your gas appliances and heating.
– Turn on one item, such as a single gas ring, and then watch the meter for a few minutes. For a single gas ring the meter should only clock a few kilowatt hours over the course of five minutes.
– Make a note of the amount the meter clocks up, and tell us the figures you’ve noted.

We’ll then be able to judge whether your meter’s working properly or not.

– Meg :bulb:

Hi, thank you!
On my own initiative, I turned on the heating on 4th Sep and a higher charge of gas usage of 68 p. appeared on my Energy Usage section on my Bulb account. I have done it right now again and the reading has changed from 379.246 to 379.261.
However, I am not using the heating at all at the moment, only hot water in the bathroom, and every day the usage stays at the minimum of 26 p. (standing fees.) Is that OK? Could it be that my boiler uses electricity rather than gas to heat the water and hence my confusion? ie. I only use gas when I use the heating?

Thanks again!

Thanks @AnaV

I’ve had a look at the readings on the account and the Smart readings are recording 0 use-

So the fact that it only moved when you turned the heating on seems to show it is working fine. We still charge a standing charge even if the meter has 0 use so this would also seem right! The readings in the Bulb Account only load on the monthly billing date but we are still getting them regularly. :relaxed:

Let me know if you’re still unsure!

– H :bulb:

Thank you!
I will continue to check it though, it seems to me that my gas meter used to reflect the usage of gas for hot water as well, not only heating.
I can see the readings in the Bulb account on a daily basis too :slightly_smiling_face:


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For several weeks at least my dashboard for gas (via website on computer) has been up and down regularly. I would attach an image but it seems new users aren’t allowed to! One day 23p, the next 63p, then 23p, 63p etc. I’m sure this can’t be correct. Our usage used to be very regular.

Hey @pl040884

I can see what you mean from looking at your usage on your account. As your monthly gas usage is so minimal, our system is trying to calculate it daily on the chart and it’s getting confused about what is being used per day.

Going into winter when your usage will become more regular, this will then change. The best way to see your gas usage over these summer months is via your statement.

Please do let us know if you have any more questions

– Robyn :bulb:

Thanks for explaining, Robyn.

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Non working smart meters. They have not worked for over a year nothing but estimated bills unless I send readings have just been told meters will not be replaced because the gas meter has recently sent a reading. However the fact that reading is obvious incorrect failed to register with you. Either the gas meter is running backwards or something is not working properly. According to my last statement it must have been done by a 5 year old because the figures just don’t add up.

Hi @Pstevens1948,

Welcome to community :wave: Thanks for your post!

Sorry to hear your gas meter is not working as we would have hoped. I can now see the gas meter reading of 569 has been sent through this month from your meter indicating, as you say, it is not recording correctly.

Could you please send us an email to with a photo of your meter reading, so we can compare to the reading submitted. We would then register your faulty meter with our team and look to get this replaced for you.

Please let me know if you have any q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

I can see I need to send failing Bulb meter readings every day…AGAIN!
Either I have a broken “Smart” meter or a massive gas leak.
On Monday the 4th I only used £0.06p of gas according to my “Smart” meter but the app and website say I used £0.72 including the standing charge.
I know you’re short of money right now but charging me a 6X increase for gas usage won’t help you.
This isn’t the first time this has happened and all I got was a excuse about it’s just a “guide” but c’mon, I want an accurate “guide” so I can budget properly not a random number generating machine.


Hi @Bulberino :wave:

I’m sorry to hear your In-home-display does not match what our app and website are showing. In certain cases, the display can lose connection with your smart meters and so the information shown on the display can become inaccurate.

If your smart meter is sending us readings then the billing will be accurate to what you are using in the property. If you check your most recent statement look to make sure no estimates have been used, as this means we may have lost connection. If this is the case there are certain options we have to regain communication between the meters, display, and Bulb.

If we are getting smart readings then please try logging into your Bulb account where you can detail the issue with your display and we will run an overnight fix.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this,

–KT :bulb:


Do I get a credit on my account for your biblically slow response?…

I’m guessing the answer is no. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No disrespect but I have reported an issue with my IHD on at least 4 occasions, 3 by e-mail and once on a chat with a service advisor. First two e-mails still no reply after several weeks. The service advisor on the chat said she would contact me back by the end of that day’s business, I’m still waiting. I then sent an e-mail last week asking for someone to investigate the issue for me. I got an automatic reply saying Bulb would be in touch. I’m still waiting. The customer service from Bulb has deteriorated so badly in the past few weeks that I’m seriously considering moving. You cannot keep ignoring your customers and expect them to stay loyal.