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Hi @kunaparajus, welcome to Bulb community :raised_hands:t2:

I’ve just sent you an email about this query :relaxed:

Hello everyone,

I’m a recent joiner attracted by Bulb’s then-lower tariff. I must say I like Bulb.

Following the recent hefty price increase (I chose a variable tariff, so hey ho) I would like to shop around again. Is there a minimum period I need to stay with Bulb to retain the referral bonus?

I have seen a link to on-line chat which is greyed out (it is post 5pm) but see no phone number. In any case, the answer to this question is of general interest and I didn’t see it in FAQ…so I’m asking this here for everyone’s benefit for once I have found out.

Hi @littlechrissy - welcome to the Bulb community!

So if you’ve recently signed up to us, you should’ve received your referral credit when your switch completed. If you’ve referred new members to Bulb, then you should receive the credit when their switch completes. So if you switch away once all pending referrals’ are complete, you should retain the credit. :slightly_smiling_face: If you have any credit remaining in your account once you switch away from us, then we’ll refund this to you when your final bill is issued.

Thank you very much. so once the amounts have been credited to my Bulb account in respect of my own initial referral to you by another Bulb customer, and any other new customers I refer to you, there is no provision for any sort of clawback?

Incidentally, thank you for your speedy answer, I had a mare last year when a friend’s prepayment meter electricity was completely shut off by British Gas, and I wasted hours and lost £50 trying to get her lighting and heating restored, and they just ignored me and even told me it was not an emergency.
I shall put Bulb on my shortlist for the end of my next fix. That is excellent customer service.

Hi @littlechrissy,

It’s no problem at all, we’re happy to answer any questions you want!

Do you mean getting the credit refunded to your own bank account? If that’s the case, then yes we can refund credit in the account as long as there’s at least one months usage in the account remaining. Alternatively, you can also lower your payments for a few months to use up the credit as well. :grinning:

Freya :bulb:

Thanks for this.

The long and the short of it is “The bonus I got is the bonus I keep”. I am very pleased with this and with Bulb customer service overall!


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Dear Chloe,

I have just received a mail stating:

"Your account:

  • should have £45.53 credit
  • showed £12.63 debit on your last statement

That means your account balance is £58.16 behind. So we’ll increase your payments from £39.24 to £53.29 on Monday 1st November to avoid your account building up further debit over winter."

When I look at my account online my current balance is £26.61 in credit and my monthly usage is £43.60 with current DD being £39. 24.
Therefore, the information in the mail is incorrect. Please advise.

Hi, I’ve finally managed to get a meter reading :blush: Please can you check my charges and payments are right - you’ve recently let me know they’ll be going up to £81 approx from November, but my actual reading of 62920 is less than the estimates you’ve been making based on my last actual readings.

I’m happy to clear any shortfall to get my ongoing payments down if needed :slight_smile:



Hi @chirayushdinopatel

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community :wave:

Sorry for any confusion the email caused, it looks like it was sent before your monthly payment hit the account. Additionally, as you pay for your usage the month in advance the balance left after your statement is taken is a good indicator as to the status of your account.

I can see you’ve now updated your payments to pay of receipt however, did you have any more queries on this ?

Ele :bulb:

Hi @Simon97 :wave:

Thanks for your post

Your statements have now been updated to reflect the lower meter reading, which brought down the suggested payment amount.

I can see you requested the payments to move to £60 via email, which I have now set them at going forward .

Please let me know if I can do anything else to help.

Thanks - Ele :bulb: